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"CereScan's unique functional
brain imaging technology
represents a major advance in
brain analysis."

- Dr. David Perlmutter MD
FACN, ABIHM, Medical
Director of the Perlmutter
Health Center, Author of
"The Better Brain Book".



CereScan is dedicated to helping patients feel good about the treatment they receive at our brain imaging clinics. We strive to ensure our patients understand the results of their brain scan findings and can feel confident knowing that there is treatment available. The following quotes and the video testimonials are just a sampling of some feedback we have received from past brain imaging patients.

David C., Age 28

"I have been through a multitude of unsuccessful treatments for my mental illness since the fall of 1996. I have been unsuccessfully treated with over 13 different pharmaceuticals during these years and I could have started living my life again several years ago if I could have been on the right medication from the start rather than just playing the guessing game and repeatedly being misdiagnosed. I'll never get that time back. My visit to the SPECT scan imaging clinic was an invaluable milestone in my life. With the SPECT scan images, my clinician & I were FINALLY able to properly diagnose my condition. In addition to a proper diagnosis, the SPECT imaging also provided essential information that was used to make treatment recommendations. The drug combination that I am currently on is working really well for me."


Michele M., Age 27

"The SPECT scans of my brain enabled my doctors to quickly & accurately diagnose and effectively treat my ADD/ADHD. Before this, no one had ever really considered this as a possible diagnosis even though my symptoms had been holding me back for years. The challenges of discovering that I had a mental illness combined with the stress of continuing to live my life while enduring crisis after crisis, seemed like an insurmountable task. My struggles & triumphs were finally validated when I received my SPECT brain scan. I was finally able to show and educate those around me what was happening with my mental health. I really needed, deserved, and earned this. Now I have hope."

Judy's Story - Alzheimers

Donna V., Age 48

"I suffer from severe depression. I received a SPECT scan that helped to identify the actual areas of deficiency in my brain. It provided me with the understanding I desperately needed and the validation that I really did have a problem. This clarification also validated that the treatment I was receiving was consistent with my psychiatric diagnosis. I would highly recommend this scan to anyone who is seeking validation and or diagnosis of their mental condition."

Leslye's Story - TBI

Father of Michael C., Age 14

"Mike is doing remarkably better. He's a different kid. Before the scan, we saw lots of different therapists who wanted to attribute his behavior problems and poor school performance to having his mom die. We were told that we could experiment with a few drugs and see what happens. It was disturbing that we were going to "experiment" with my son since I knew that a chosen medication could actually make things worse. So, I didn't want to put him on medication until I had more information. The problem was that he was doing poorly in school and in life. It was when we asked if there was a way to get more definitive info that we were referred to CereScan. At CereScan we learned more about the diagnosis (ADHD and ODD) and found some things were ruled out (bipolar). As a result, we had much more confidence moving forward. Mike's behavior was wearing us down. I suspect that if we hadn't felt more confident because of the scans, we may have given up pursuing treatment. Another piece of the puzzle that CereScan helped solve was that Mike didn't want to accept that there was something wrong with him. As a result, it was almost untreatable. He wouldn't step-up to the possibility that something was wrong and that there could be a different outcome than failing in school and in life. Brain imaging was the diagnostic tool that showed Mike without a shadow of a doubt that there was something wrong. It was quantitative as opposed to someone's opinion. It made a big difference. The biggest thing is, the last 2 weeks of the semester all he did was a study. Mike told me "class is amazing. Stuff goes on and you can learn so much. Before my diagnosis and treatment, I missed so much!" Mike has opened his eyes to the value of increased work ethic. He now notices who isn't pulling their weight. If the ODD piece hadn't been discovered, I wouldn't have been able to describe his anger. Why didn't we catch this 5 years ago? It sure wasn't for a lack of having Mike see people. No one had a disorder opinion. Everyone thought he was a persecuted child. His mom died and you have a step mom and this can be expected. Everyone chalked behavior up to teenage hormones. ADHD has a bad rap, feeling that it's over-diagnosed. The accurate diagnosis doesn't happen enough. For Mike it's just been a complete difference in behavior. It's like having 20/400 vision and everything and everyone is all a blur and then you get glasses and you can see clearly for the first time!"

Troubled Children

David G., Age 32

"I had been to one of the best psychiatrists in the region for an evaluation. He diagnosed me with bipolar and said I had to quit drinking alcohol. I started taking medication for the bipolar and medication to help me stop drinking. I gained 40 pounds and still wasn't stable in my mood or able to stay away from alcohol. I knew something had to change. But before just changing to different medications, I wanted to get more information about what was going on in my head. When I got my results from CereScan, I was really impressed with what the doctor was able to see from my scans. For the first time I learned I probably have ADHD and an Anxiety Disorder. The scans also told what I didn't have. For instance, I was relieved to find out that the brain injury from an accident in childhood wasn't as severe as I had suspected. It was also helpful to know the extent of the damage I had caused myself with alcohol and drug abuse. Knowing that my problems are brain based has changed the way I approach things in my life. I can think my way through things. I can understand what's causing me to feel a certain thing. I think a brain scan should be something people have to get. I am more understanding of myself and it's easier to get a grasp on what's going on. My wife really wants to do it, too!"


Rich's Story - TBI

Sarah A., Age 52

"Before the scans I felt terrified of taking medication, terrified that my symptoms were imaginary, even terrified that my sexual abuse never actually happened, and I was just crazy. Before the scans I felt anxious every minute of every day, and had not slept well for 15 years. I was sad, lonely, and losing hope. After the scans, I felt peace of mind about my symptoms being real, able to see physical evidence of trauma that had occurred to me many years ago. I felt more aware of how my brain works and what it needs. I became aware of how much my brain chemistry had shaped my personality, and how possible it is for that to change as the medication brings greater balance to my brain chemistry. From this, I've come to respect the responsible uses for medication. I'm now sleeping much better, having more good nights than bad nights instead of vice-versa. I'm looking forward to my future and feel much more able to cope with the stresses of life. I'm much calmer, more positive, and more available to myself emotionally and mentally, as well as more available to others. I've started writing again, because I've started having creative ideas again. And I am enjoying life more, taking time for myself to do things I enjoy instead of fretting about the daily tasks, or driving myself to keep up with every little detail of family life. The scans opened the door for me to understand my symptoms, to see that what I'd been living with and thought was "normal," was not the best of me and my abilities."

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