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"CereScan's unique functional
brain imaging technology
represents a major advance in
brain analysis."

- Dr. David Perlmutter MD
FACN, ABIHM, Medical
Director of the Perlmutter
Health Center, Author of
"The Better Brain Book".


Payment Options

Our goal is to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding between our patients and our office. Therefore, feel free to discuss fees and methods of payment with our staff at any time. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) for your convenience. It is our policy to collect all fees in advance. There is a $45.00 service fee for each returned check.

Payment Plans

We are pleased to offer interest free financing for our services through our partnership with Care Credit. They offer a variety of plans including $0 down and up to 18 months interest free financing. To apply for the program, click on their logo below.



CereScan accepts insurance in certain situations, such as for DaTScan for differentiating Parkinsonian Syndromes including Parkinson's Disease from essential tremor, depending upon the insurance carrier and the state.  Insurance coverage for SPECT brain imaging varies depending on the carrier. You may wish to contact your insurance company to discuss what percentage of the cost may or may not be covered. If you are employed, check with your human resources department to see if CereScan may be covered by a corporate health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA).

Our trained, knowledgeable staff is available to help answer any questions that you, your physician or your insurance carrier may have, and provide you with the documentation they need to assist with the decision making and/or reimbursement process.

CereScan's high definition brain SPECT imaging is a small price to pay for the comfort and peace of mind it offers patients and their families. CereScan’s comprehensive, research-backed reports provide reassurance for patients and caregivers, and accurate diagnostic information for medical professionals to assist with more targeted and effective treatment decisions.

CereScan is constantly reviewing and improving our ability to assist our patients in securing broader coverage from more insurance providers. Please let us know if you'd like to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation and to examine all your options.

Our superior process, combined with our warm, patient centered focus of care enables CereScan to provide patients with the highest level of care found anywhere in the country. If you have questions, would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please call us at 866-722-4806 or complete our contact us form.

To schedule a consultation: Call 866-722-4806 or icon_emailsmall Send us an email