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"CereScan's unique functional
brain imaging technology
represents a major advance in
brain analysis."

- Dr. David Perlmutter MD
FACN, ABIHM, Medical
Director of the Perlmutter
Health Center, Author of
"The Better Brain Book".


Anxiety Disorder


A challenge to diagnose

One in every six Americans ages 18 to 54 suffers from an anxiety disorder. This totals approximately 40 million people, making it the most common psychiatric condition in the United States.  Anxiety disorder is often co-occurring with other disorders such as depression, making it a very difficult disorder to properly diagnose and treat without objective diagnostic assistance. Anxiety sufferers see an average of 5 physicians before being successfully diagnosed and treated.

Proper diagnosis leads to more effective treatment
Anxiety disorders appear as brain dysfunction in different parts of the brain. By identifying these various dysfunctions as well as the presence or absence of other dysfunctions, such as depression or bipolar disorder, that may be complicating the condition, SPECT brain imaging can help identify the correct condition and guide more targeted treatment.

With the help of CereScan, physicians are empowered to more effectively correlate a patient's behavioral problems with the underlying biologically based disorder and thus create a targeted, individualized treatment plan that will create a better quality of life for the patient.

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