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CereScan is here to assist your medical provider in helping you get better by delivering the most accurate, objective imaging information we can. Using state-of-the-art brain imaging cameras and the most advanced interpretive software in the industry, CereScan’s nationally prominent medical staff is able to differentiate between the underlying causes of your symptoms.

This allows CereScan’s clinicians to collaborate with your treating provider and support network to deliver the highest level of care to you. Our specialists are always available for consultations with your provider to review reports and discuss our findings. We are happy to help.

Diagnostic Tool

As with all imaging procedures, a SPECT or PET/CT brain scan does not provide a stand-alone diagnosis. Brain imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool when used in conjunction with your clinical history and structured clinical interviews. We provide your medical team with a comprehensive, quantified clinical report and access to our expert physicians.

What CereScan delivers is objective, tangible evidence needed to assess brain injuries and brain-based disorders. These are conditions that are often open to subjective interpretation or misdiagnoses without an objective brain scan.

Cerescan Database

The procedure and practice guidelines of the Society for Nuclear Medicine are strictly adhered to in all of our acquisition and processing protocols. CereScan employs specially trained physicians, including board-certified nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists, experienced in the interpretation of brain imaging scans. Additionally, CereScan has a proprietary database of more than 3400 previously scanned patients, which provides our doctors with thousands of images of patients who have previously received SPECT brain scans. This gives our doctors an extensive library of brain scans for reference and research purposes.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that specific patterns of brain perfusion correlate with specific neurological and psychiatric conditions. CereScan has an extensive library of peer-reviewed and published literature that supports the use of brain SPECT imaging as an important diagnostic tool for brain-based disorders.This bibliography is composed of numerous published research article titles, with links to the abstracts, which our medical imaging experts have deemed most significant in assisting you and your doctor to make an educated decision regarding the benefit of SPECT brain imaging to your unique situation.

Our superior process, combined with our warm, patient centered focus of care enables CereScan to provide patients with the highest level of care found anywhere in the country.

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