Cerescan Doctors | Specializing in Neuroimaging

The CereScan medical team boasts experienced professionals who are devoting their careers to improving the quality of life for people with a wide range of brain-based disorders. The team is lead by Dr. S. Gregory Hipskind.  With over 4,000 SPECT reads, Dr. Hipskind is recognized as one of the best in the world at reading SPECT brain images. Our CereScan doctors are able to provide unmatched expertise in medical imaging reports that directly result in improved care for the patient.

Gregory Hipskind | CereScan Chief Medical Advisor, MD, PhD

S. Gregory Hipskind, MD, PhD is a member of CereScan’s Reading Physicians’ Team, and a noted traumatic and toxic brain injury expert who interprets the scans for patients and their physicians and clinicians. He also provides expert testimony for attorneys representing clients in brain injury litigation and frequently consults with clinicians and attorneys of patients with brain injuries throughout the U.S. Dr. Hipskind is a nationally recognized expert in using SPECT brain imaging to evaluate traumatic and toxic brain injuries including carbon monoxide poisoning. In 2008, he published “Recent Advances in Brain SPECT Imaging after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” in the medical textbook, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. A residency-trained family physician, Dr. Hipskind is a Nuclear Neurologist who was certified by the American Academy of Brain Injury Specialists as a brain injury specialist in 2010. Since 2003, Dr. Hipskind has interpreted over 4,000 SPECT brain scans. He was a member of the New York Academy of Traumatic Brain Injury Association of America, the Colorado Brain Injury Association, and the Brain Injury Association of America. Dr. Hipskind lectures extensively throughout the U.S. for numerous groups of physicians, teachers, and other professionals regarding the role of brain SPECT imaging in the assessment and rehabilitation of brain injuries and the proper diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Additionally, he has developed educational programs that teach clinicians how to effectively incorporate functional brain imaging into their clinical practices. Dr. Hipskind has appeared on Nightline with Tom Snyder, Dr. Phil, Evening Magazine, The Truth About Drugs with Leeza Gibbons, a national documentary on the effects of drugs on teenage brain health, and numerous other television and radio programs.

Cerescan Physician | Michael Stone, MD

Michael Stone, MD, is a member of CereScan’s Reading Physicians’ Team. He is originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts and obtained a doctorate degree in medicine from the Medical College of Virginia. He performed his fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Stone’s experience includes eight years of service in the United States Navy, and more recently serving as a shareholder and staff Radiologist for Diversified Radiology of Colorado. His strong background in neurosciences and his clinical experience with PET/CT systems provides CereScan with additional expertise in these critical modalities. His professional interests include all areas of traumatic brain injury, with an emphasis in “blast wave” brain injury among veterans, and mild traumatic brain injury (also called persistent post-concussion syndrome) seen predominantly in athletes. Dr. Stone has been a member of CereScan’s Reading Physicians’ Team since 2012.

Cerescan Physicians | Anwer Sheikh, MD

Anwer Sheikh, MD is a member of CereScan’s Reading Physicians’ Team. He is board-certified in Nuclear Medicine and has over four years of experience in PET/CT (Oncology, Cardiac, and Neurology), Nuclear Cardiology, and all aspects of Nuclear Medicine imaging including brain SPECT and nuclear procedures and therapies. His Nuclear Medicine training (including PET) was at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. This included rotations in CT and MRI and additional electives in PET centers at the University of Iowa and Mount Sinai Hospital. He is on the staff at Georgetown University Hospital and the Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC, as well as the Marshfield Hospital in Marshfield, WI. He also performs tele-nuclear services for two imaging companies based in Illinois. At CereScan, Dr. Sheikh interprets brain scans and provides general consultation on Radiology and Nuclear Medicine topics.