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Past Events
By CereScan

CereScan medical advisor named one of 2011's most influential doctors
Dr. Arlen D. Meyers was named as one of the most influential physician executives of 2011. Meyers is a professor at the University of Colorado Denver and founding chief executive of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.

Network TV show “The Doctors” featuring Sanjay Gupta showcases CereScan’s diagnostic brain images
CereScan diagnostic images we used by Sanjay Gupta on The Doctors show to illustrate how SPECT scan technology can provide a unique insight to what is happening in the brain when we age.

CereScan Deploys Circadence WARP WAN Optimization Solutions
Circadence Corporation, the global leader in the development of innovative enterprise performance technologies, announced today that CereScan, a Denver-based brain imaging company focused on brain disorders and traumatic injuries, selected Circadence’s WARP WAN Optimization to deliver ultra-secure, high speed transfers of its high definition functional brain images between its imaging centers, reading physicians and the company’s data center in Denver.

America’s Greatest Ethical Generation, by CereScan CEO John Kelley
CereScan CEO John Kelley delivers Heidelberg University 2010 Commencement Speech:The ethics that we count on to raise our families and run our government, businesses, universities and communities.

Denver Post interviews CereScan CEO John Kelley
Describes how Functional Brain Imaging helps NFL Athletes, Soldiers, Alzheimer's victims and others.

Jeb Putzier quoted in Idaho Statesman
Former Denver Bronco standout and CereScan consultant Jeb Putzier adds insight to Proposed Idaho law taking aim at youth concussions.

CereScan Medical Board Advisor wins Fulbright - Denver Post
Dr. Arlen Meyers Selected for Fulbright Specialists Award.
CereScan advisor will spend the summer at Kings College in London studying bioscience business development.

CereScan profiled in the January issue of the Denver Business Journal
In the January 15-21 issue of the Denver Business Journal, CereScan was featured in a profile about the company and its prospects and plans for the future.

CereScan CEO John Kelly discusses the role of brain scanning in treating brain disorders on the Doug Stephan show
CereScan CEO John Kelly was a guest on Doug Stephan's national syndicated radio discuss the valuable role CereScan's SPECT brain imaging plays in the treatment of a variety of brain disorders.

Former Bronco Jeb Putzier discusses the NFL's increased attention on sports related concussions
Former Denver Broncos tight end Jeb Putzier was the guest on the Denver Broncos pre game radio show to discuss the NFL's increased focus on concussions.

Former Bronco Jeb Putzier helps tackle the Concussion Conundrum
Former Bronco Jeb Putzier shared his personal experience with sports related concussions and what he is doing to help combat this growing problem with Chris Tanaka of KDVR Fox 31 News.

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